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What is great design.

To answer why this I must first establish what good design is.

Whatever it is, and whatever other great qualities it has, it can’t be well designed if it doesn’t do something useful.  It’s possible for something to qualify as good design simply by fulfilling its function efficiently.

Design is not all about looks, in fact our perception of what looks good is becoming increasingly complex, and often contradictory. Beauty was easily understood in the past by just what it looked like, but we have developed into a complex society that needs to be provoked or challenged by the things around us. We are bombarded by optical illusions of “perfect beauty” which makes us suspicions about what is beautiful. We rather find beauty in imperfections or ungainly objects.

We have become environment conscious as people and the concept of bigger is better or just to go over the top with design seems to be in the past. How can we consider something well designed if we going to feel guilty about why it was made and how to dispose of it.

Exhibition design I believe like most other forms of design can be tricky. A designer has many things to consider in there design process, innovation, function, aesthetics, business sense, honesty, to motivate intrinsically, to be effective and efficient, and to design with a pure and simple approach without burdening the design with unessential’s, in other words less is more.

To criticize any form of design or art work has become so difficult in this postmodernist era where anything go’s.

So to come back to what is great design.

If I liked it and the client likes it, what more can I say. 🙂